Our Advantage

Electrical Confidence

Yes, we design, test and maintain power, control and lighting systems. We work tirelessly to provide technically sound, practical solutions to satisfy our clients' electrical needs, ensuring that systems perform as designed, and operate safely and reliably. However,

that feeling our clients get knowing they being taken care of by Electrical Experts is what we are truly after.
This is electrical confidence.

Synergy in Electrical Design and Testing

It helps when your team of experts also has a team of experts.

Our Technical Field Services teams work with our Electrical Engineers to shorten the time required to solve complicated problems for our clients. Conversely, our Engineers have access to Technicians and Technologists with hands-on experience, which reinforces our capability to provide practical solutions.

Engineering Technical Field Services

Electrical Engineering

Our engineering departments are well-equipped and specially trained with all of the latest industry-standard software packages for the designing and modeling of low, medium and high voltage power, automation, control and lighting systems. We are vendor neutral, and not beholding to any manufacturer. Many of our engineers have hands-on experience from working on projects in the field. Our well-rounded knowledge and skills allow us to provide superior client service.

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Technical Field Services

Our talented technicians, technologists and electrical professionals are trained to the highest of technical and safety standards and are available around the clock for scheduled or emergency electrical service work.

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We Are NETA Accredited


As a longstanding member of NETA (InterNational Electrical Testing Association), Magna IV Engineering is committed to advancing industry standards for power systems installation through acceptance testing and maintenance. Our NETA certified testing technicians have practical skills that are tested on the job daily, and in regular written exams. We employ more NETA-Level-4 technicians (most senior ranking) than almost any other electrical services company.

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Focused on Your Long-Term Success

Developing long-term relationships with the companies we work with is both our goal and our achievement. Our success in helping our clients achieve their goals is evident in the fact that most of our present work is with repeat clients.

We create superior client experiences.

A customer is a person that purchases a commodity or service.
A client, however, is one that is under the protection of another.

At Magna, we take care of people.
We use our electrical knowledge and expertise to deliver solutions that our clients need, but we also want our clients to know they are under our care and protection; that they can rely on Magna to deliver electrical confidence.

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Engineering Services

Studies, Design, Replacement & Retrofit, Project Management, Planning, Construction Support...

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Technical Field Services

Testing, Commissioning, Startup Services, Maintenance, Refurbishment, Troubleshooting, Root Cause Analysis...

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Automation Solutions

System Design, Startup, Verification, DCS, PLC and Control Panel Upgrades, Simulation, Network Infrastructure and Information Systems Development...

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