Our Mission

To deliver superior client service.

How does Magna define superior client service?

It begins with a subtle shift in approach. Magna provides more than just service, but client service, which changes the way we view our relationships with those we do business.

A customer is a person that purchases a commodity or service.
A client, however, is one that is under the protection of another.

At Magna, we take care of people. We use our electrical knowledge and expertise to deliver solutions that our clients need, but we want our clients to know they are under our care and protection; that they can rely on Magna to deliver electrical confidence.

How do we know we’re providing superior client service?

As we continue to get better every day (our vision), and sense the growing confidence our clients have in us (our purpose), we see our mission in action. Superior client service is delivered at each level within Magna IV Engineering, but especially by those on the frontlines dealing directly with our clients. Success in this area comes down to performing common tasks in an uncommon manner: Making commitments and following through on them; Quickly returning emails and phone calls; Finding ways to go above and beyond expectations; Being on-time. Superior client service is about reliability, accountability and building confidence.

Mission, reaffirmed

Our mission statement has served us well for the past 8 years, though, unofficially, it's been our mission since we opened our doors in 1982 and we feel it fits hand-in-glove with our purpose and vision. As we strive to become better every day at delivering superior client service, resulting in electrical confidence, we will continue to build and develop long-term relationships that will allow Magna to realize mutual success with those under our care.

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