Our Value

We do what we say

Simple enough, but:

What does it mean?

One of the most common phrases today, and I’m sure you’ve said it yourself, is

“Why don’t they just do what they said they were going to do?”

Too often people and businesses say what their clients want to hear, despite the inability to make good on that promise. The most important attribute Magna IV Engineering can bring to the table is following through on what we say. To expect our clients to have confidence in our expertise, it is critical to not just state what we can or will do, but to prove it.

What should our clients expect?

This goes back to our vision statement – becoming better every day. There are times when commitments cannot be fulfilled. When that happens, we must be aware of what the cause was, learn from it and take those lessons in the future. Maintaining open communication with the client ensures we uphold our value through accountability and transparency. It is important to be clear and deliberate in what we’re saying and follow through. We take our promises and commitments seriously.

What can we expect from ourselves?

Following through on commitments is a part of doing business. At Magna IV Engineering, we are striving to become better at doing what we say by improving our self-awareness and holding each other accountable to uphold our commitments to one another and our clients. From our team on the frontlines through to executive management, every level within Magna is working together to deliver on our promises.

Value, reclaimed

Providing value to clients is critical to the success of any business. Our endeavour to deliver superior client service, build electrical confidence in the industry, and get better every day at what we do is contingent on our ability to follow through on our promises. Magna knows that actions speak louder words, and it is through the right actions we will realize our Purpose, Vision, Mission and Value.

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