Mission, Vision, Value

Our Mission

Superior client service.

It begins with a subtle shift in approach. Magna IV Engineering provides more than mere customer service. 
We provide client service, which re-focusses the way we view our relationships.

A customer is a person that purchases a commodity or service.
A client, however, is one that is under the protection of another.

At Magna, we take care of people. We use our electrical knowledge and expertise to deliver solutions that our clients need, but we also want our clients to know they are under our care and protection; that they can rely on Magna to deliver electrical confidence.

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Our Vision

Top of mind, better every day.

We will be top-of-mind within our industry and known for becoming better every day at providing electrical solutions to our growing list of clients.

When an electrical issue arises, we want to be the obvious choice to call.
When students graduate, ready to start their electrical careers, we want to be first on their short list of potential employers. Growing market awareness to this extent is indeed a big task, but we are confident it is one we can accomplish if we are continuously becoming better every day.

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Our Value

We do what we say.

One of the most common phrases today, and surely you’ve said it yourself:

“Why don’t they just do what they said they were going to do?”

Too often people and businesses just say what their clients want to hear. We believe one of the the most important qualities we can bring to the table is our commitment to follow through on what we say. If we promise electrical confidence, it is critical to not just state what we will do, but to prove it.

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Engineering Services

Studies, Design, Replacement & Retrofit, Project Management, Planning, Construction Support...

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Technical Field Services

Testing, Commissioning, Startup Services, Maintenance, Refurbishment, Troubleshooting, Root Cause Analysis...

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Automation Solutions

System Design, Startup, Verification, PLC and Control Panel Upgrades, Automation and Simulation, Information Systems Development...

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Magna IV Engineering
Magna IV Engineering