Fort Hills Oil Sands, 100k Hours LTI Free
13 November 2017

Fort Hills Oil Sands, 100k Hours LTI Free

100k Hours, LTI Free

Fort Hills Oil Sands Project

We want to take a moment to recognize a significant milestone in Magna IV Engineering’s history.

» The completion of our first project with over 100,000 person-hours of labour.

» The completion of this 100,000-hour project, without a single lost-time injury.

Our work on the Fort Hills Oil Sands project commenced over 4 years ago with e-house pre-commissioning for some Edmonton and Calgary based manufacturers, followed by acceptance testing on site for various engineering and construction firms, culminating in control systems commissioning & start-up work directly for Suncor.

We would like to sincerely thank our employees, for their dedication to working safely each and every day, on each and every task. It is not easy to keep focused and stay safe, but by being proactive, and continually remembering to review the hazards of the worksite and tasks, we will continue to achieve impressive milestones like this one.

Thank you!


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