Breaker Brothers to join Magna IV Engineering
21 March 2018

Breaker Brothers to join Magna IV Engineering

Breaker Brothers to Join Magna IV Engineering​


EDMONTON, AB--March 1, 2018--Magna IV Engineering (headquartered in Edmonton, AB) is pleased to announce that it has entered into agreement for Breaker Brother Services Inc. (Saskatoon, SK) to become part of the Magna IV Engineering team.

This agreement, made effective March 2018, aligns two electrical solution providers, and opens access to expanded engineering and technical field services for clients across western Canada and the USA. Specifically, it will increase the available options for power system maintenance solutions, such as replacement, retrofit, and component-level refurbishment.

“We are excited to complement our existing technical field services and electrical equipment modernization expertise with a solution which we believe will greatly benefit many of our clients”, says George Shehata, Director of Business Development.

As a single-discipline, electrical power and automation solutions firm, Magna IV Engineering is highly focused on providing electrical engineering, technical field services for commissioning & maintenance testing, and solutions for controls, instrumentation, and lighting, to a wide range of industry sectors. Our mission to create superior client experiences has helped us foster long-term relationships with our clients, some of whom have been seeking our expertise for over 35 years!

Breaker Brothers Services is a circuit breaker and contactor remanufacturing firm, specializing in maintenance solutions that increase the reliable operation of electrical equipment and the safety of personnel. Circuit breaker and contactor remanufacturing allows clients to balance the mitigation of equipment failure, arc flash and/or obsolescence risks within a budget considerably more modest when compared to full equipment replacement.

A newly established company, BBS Canada Ltd. (O/A Breaker Brothers Services) will operate as a member of the Magna IV Engineering team and will continue to offer circuit breaker remanufacturing services, extending access to our many clients across Canada and the USA.

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