Support Fort McMurray
04 May 2016

Support Fort McMurray

Join Magna as we help support the city of Fort McMurray

Magna IV Engineering would like to acknowledge the incredible efforts being made by emergency personnel and other agencies who are fighting the wildfires, providing fuel and assistance, maintaining order, and putting all others ahead of themselves. These comments are just as true today as they were when spoken back in 2013 during the flooding in Calgary:

"Events like these definitely bring grief and hardship to people, but they also bring out the best in others. It makes me proud to be an Albertan and proud to be a Canadian."

The raging wildfire has forced the evacuation of the entire city of Fort McMurray. At this time Magna is asking for your help and support not only for our Fort McMurray team members but all of the people there. They are all in a place of great uncertainty; they are scared, sad and could really use our help and support.

"When emergencies like these devastate a community, we are all one city, one province, one country."

Many of Magna IV Engineering’s personnel have spent considerable time (up to 20 years, in fact) living and working in this region. Videos and pictures emerging are of areas of the city that we recognize. The industry in this part of the country has provided a wealth of experience for many of Magna IV Engineering’s personnel, and has been instrumental in the growth of our company.

Magna IV Engineering pledges to donate $10,000 as well as match donations from employees this week to help families in Fort McMurray through the Canadian Red Cross. Please join us.


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