Is Your Control Room Still Running Windows 7?
18 November 2020

Is Your Control Room Still Running Windows 7?

Is Your Control Room Still Running Windows 7?
Your assets may be at risk

As of January 2020, Windows 7 updates and security patches are no longer available. This puts operator and control room workstations built on this platform at risk to security threats.

But, upgrading often isn’t quite as simple as it sounds...

What about software? Will your control systems applications run as expected on a new platform?
What about hardware? Is now a good time to upgrade existing workstations for future proofing?
What about PLC and HMI firmware compatibility?
What about HMI and SCADA screen interfaces?
What about operator training?

Workstation Upgrade Process

Windows 7 Workstation Upgrade Process

Magna IV Engineering takes the pain out of upgrading.


Assess minimum requirements for your workstations.


Perform control system programming migration.


Update control narratives, or create new narratives based on existing programs.


Update program functionality, as required.


Improve HMI & SCADA screen interface and functionality.


Operator training for workflow changes.


We are vendor neutral, and work with any manufacturer’s equipment.

We Provide Vendor Neutral Support for PLC, HMI, & SCADA Systems

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and more...


Microsoft: Support for Windows 7 has ended.

Keep your assets covered. Contact our automation experts to get started.



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