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240kV Switching Station Commissioning


The 356S, 240 kV Switching Station at Milo was built as part of the Southern Alberta Transmission reinforcement Project. The double busbar, breaker-and-a-half configuration system is the largest of its kind in Alberta. This overall 240 kV system provides flexible switching capability between three critical substations (Langdon 102S, North Lethbridge 370S, and West Brooks 78S) and thereby increases EHV system reliability in the region. 

Our scope of work consisted of apparatus testing of the 240 kV circuit breaker, voltage transformer, and current transformer and disconnect switches. Complete testing of all protection and control device systems including end-to-end testing of the line protection schemes to three separate remote stations.


Milo, Alberta, Canada

Year Completed





Technical Field Services, Commissioning, Substation


Utility, Power

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