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550-Acre Solar Power Plant Grounding Study

550-Acre Solar Power Plant Grounding Study


Duke Energy’s Hamilton Solar Power Plant in Jasper, Florida was brought online in December 2018 and produces 74.9 megawatts. With 300,000 solar panels, this plant can power more than 20,000 homes, and is expected to reduce carbon output in Florida by 300 million pounds in its first year.

Before construction, Magna IV Engineering was engaged to complete a study of the grounding system that spans more than 550 acres, a vastly larger footprint than a utility substation.

An effective grounding system is designed to protect people from electrical shock hazards, to limit equipment damage, and to provide access to suitable grounding points for other components and systems.

Scope of Work

Evaluation of ground grid performance at each of the 25 solar panel arrays and the solar substation.

The grid performance was assessed using the methods of IEEE Std. 80 - 2013 [1] with respect to touch and step potentials which may arise due to single line to ground (SLG) faults.


Hamilton Solar Power Plant, Jasper, Florida, USA

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