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Colstrip Powerplant 500kV GSU Transformer Commissioning

Colstrip Powerplant 500kV GSU Transformer Commissioning


The Colstrip power plant, east of Billings, Montana first came online in 1976, and operates four coal-fired generating units capable of producing up to 2,094MW of electricity.

The upgrade of an existing transformer bank was required to continue the safe and reliable operation.

The replacement units were supplied by BTW Transformers, who contracted Stark International and Magna IV Engineering to perform the initial inspection, assembly, oil filling and commissioning checks to put the replacement units into service.

Scope of Work

  • Testing and commissioning of a 500kV / 25kV 840MVA Generator Step-Up (GSU)┬átransformer bank consisting of 3 single phase units
  • Testing prior to assembly of units
  • Commissioning following assembly and oil filling of units


Colstrip, Montana

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