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Bucket Truck Microammeter, Custom Engineered Solution

Client Need

Fortis Safe Work Procedures include a requirement that bucket trucks be tested for possible current leakage. Fortis had tried several different meters for this purpose, finding unsatisfactory results.
A Work Methods Specialist approached Magna IV Engineering for help in developing a suitable replacement that would accurately measure low AC micro amps, up to 200 µA, in a battery operated device.


We had to design and build a reliable AC µA metering circuit, test it on a white board, then generate the schematics and part list.
Since planned production quantity was relatively low, we needed to select a premade enclosure with enough room for the PC board and components, while minimizing the mechanical work required for the battery compartment, switch, plugs and display window. Once we knew the layout of the enclosure, we could start designing the PC board and build a prototype for field testing. While the first prototype turned out operational and accurate, the display was too small to read from the ground when mounted on the truck. We had to go back to the drawing board in favour of a larger display.


A much larger LED display required a slightly less comfortable enclosure, which increased the cost per unit. However, when Fortis saw the new version they liked it so much they decided it was worth the additional cost.
We have built over 50 units to date for our clients, including Fortis, and are currently working on the fourth generation of design enhancements.


Alberta, Canada


2012 First generation with large display
2014 Fourth Generation with self-testing function
Today Production continues.
Available, and in stock.


Custom Engineered Solution, Custom Engineered Product Solution


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