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Transformer Insulating Fluid Sampling and Analysis, Norman Wells, Northwest Territories


Imperial Oil Resources’ Norman Wells facilities include producing wells drilled from natural and artificial islands, and a central processing facility, which also generates electricity and provides natural-gas service for the town of Norman Wells.

As a part of their electrical asset management plan, Imperial Oil engaged Magna IV Engineering to sample and analyze the insulating oil of more than fifty transformers, rated at 13.8 kV and 4160 V. Transformer insulating oil screening and dissolved gas analysis can reveal many internal problems well before transformer failure. Some of the variables analyzed and trended are DGA, moisture content, acid number, interfacial tension, and dielectric strength.

Magna IV Engineering’s scope of work included:

  • Complete inspection of numerous liquid-filled power transformers in various locations
  • Procurement of oil samples on site in accordance with ASTM D923 and D3613 standards
  • Analysis of the laboratory results using various methodologies
  • Written report, detailing findings, recommendations and corrective actions to maximize equipment useful life


Norman Wells, Northwest Territories

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Insulating Fluid Analysis, Electrical Maintenance


Industrial, Power

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