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North Fountain 115kV Substation Capacity Upgrade


The North Fountain Substation serves more than 6,000 customers in central Colorado, located just south of Colorado Springs. In 2014, Magna IV Engineering delivered a feasibility study to evaluate life extension and capacity upgrade options for this facility’s electrical equipment, optimizing reliability, overall effectiveness and economic investment. Fast-forward to 2016, Magna IV Engineering was selected to provide the engineering design, consulting, and testing services required to execute the upgrade as selected by the client.

Magna IV Engineering’s services were enlisted to upgrade the North Fountain substation, in Fountain, Colorado. The scope of work included the front-end and detailed engineering; project management; relay replacement and rebuild of the existing protection panels; and testing & commissioning. The project consisted of replacing two 10MVA transformers (T1&T2) with two 20MVA transformers; replacing a 115kV oil circuit breaker (115NF1) with an SF6 breaker; rebuilding the T1 & T2 protection panels; developing a new relay protection scheme; transformer oil containment; and a study to provide options for redesigning the 12.47kV protection scheme.


Fountain, Colorado

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Front End Engineering Design, Detailed Engineering, Project Management, Relay Replacement, Protection & Controls, Testing & Commissioning



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