Utility Sector Experience

Magna IV Engineering has served over 4,000 clients and performed work for the nine major utility companies in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. In addition to these utilities, Magna has worked with more than 15 Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and municipally owned utility organizations. This has amounted to more than 900 projects completed to date.

Electrical Utility and Power Producers

Alberta REAs
Algonquin Power
ATCO Electric
ATCO Power
BC Hydro
Canadian Hydro Developers
City of Lethbridge EU

City of Medicine Hat EU
Drayton Valley Power
Nova Chemicals
TransCanada Power
Suncor Energy
Imperial Oil Resources

Utility Project Scope

In the utility environment, Magna IV Engineering covers high voltage transmission lines, substation engineering, power distribution engineering, and urban development electrical design. We provide the following services:

  • Project management
  • Project scoping, budgeting and scheduling
  • Procurement and expediting
  • Contractor management
  • Construction support
  • Contract management
  • Document control
  • Quality assurance and quality control (during design and construction phases)
  • System studies; such as load flow, coordination and transient and reliability
  • Protective relaying
  • Metering design
  • Highway and street lighting, lighting calculations, structure design, fixture selection
  • Electrical testing and commissioning of all electrical, protection and control components
  • Substation SCADA / Telecontrol
  • Substation design
    • Circuit breakers, transformers, switches, reactors, current transformers, magnetic and capacitive voltage transformers, surge arrestors, support structures, steel foundations, concrete foundations, protection and control buildings
  • Distribution design
    • Single phase, three phase, rural lines, urban lines, underground, overhead, ACSR, AAC, XLPE, EPDM, 8 kV, 15 kV, 25 kV, line terminations, reclosers, fuses, transformers, switches, voltage regulators, line capacitors, surge arrestors, insulators, cross arms, wooden structures, steel structures, survey data, soil conditions, grounding analysis, sag calculations, wind & ice loading calculations, ampacity and voltage drop & rise calculations, line loss calculations, short circuit and coordination studies
  • Utility infrastructure upgrades and cable replacement
  • Distributed generation or IPP grid interconnects, utility negotiating, preliminary and detailed engineering
  • Interacting with system operators
  • Specialized software available; MicroStation, AutoCAD, PLS Cadd, ETAP, SKM Power Tools, SES, FE Analysis, AGI32
  • Electrical and civil drafting in traditional and 3D. IFQ, IFR, IFC packages and record drawings, turnover documentation and O&M manuals
  • Equipment and construction specification development
  • Working with GIS or AM/FM mapping and asset management software
  • Working with customer’s project tracking software
  • Developed work packages for utility crews to implement
  • Remote access to customer’s data base and document control systems

115kV Substation Feasibility Study
115kV Substation Feasibility Study
Magna IV Engineering performed a feasibility study to investigate three options and provide a recommendation to extend the useful life and increase capacity of the North Fountain Substation, in Fountain, Colorado.
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240kV Switching Station Commissioning
240kV Switching Station Commissioning
OverviewThe 356S, 240 kV Switching Station at Milo was built as part of the Southern Alberta Transmission reinforcement Project. The double busbar, breaker-and-a-half configuration system is the largest of its kind in Alberta. This overall 240 kV system provides flexible switching capability between...
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Substation Maintenance, Halkirk Wind Farm
Substation Maintenance, Halkirk Wind Farm
Magna IV Engineering performed maintenance testing and inspections on the medium and high voltage equipment at the windfarm's 230kV/34.5kV substation. This testing and inspection included all of the primary 230kV and 34.5kV equipment along with the protection relaying for the collector circuits and ...
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Substation Engineering

Planning, design, supply and project management and more.

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Utility Interconnection Consulting

Whether the connection to the Utility is for power import or export, we have the experience to make this a reality. For wind farms, cogen plants, solar farms, hydro projects, and more...

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Utility Interconnection

Power Distribution Engineering

Magna IV Engineering’s Utility Team has extensive experience with medium voltage distribution for new construction and replacement projects.

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Power Distribution Engineering

Urban Shallow Utilities Electrical Design

Engineering design for residential power and lighting.

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Urban Shallow Utilities Electrical Design

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