Cable Terminations

Cable Solutions

Cable Solutions for Medium and Low Voltage

Our Technical Field Service for cables includes termination, splicing, cable & fault locating, acceptance testing & commissioning.

Our Cable Qualifications

  • MVPower Contractor certification
  • TE Connectivity technician certification
  • Pfisterer technician certification
  • Confined space technician certification
Cable Service <5 kV 5-25 kV 25-35 kV
Heat shrink stress cones
Cold shrink stress cones
Load break elbows
Dead break elbows
Pfisterer terminations
Cable splicing
Cable locating
Fault locating
Hipot testing
VLF / Tan Delta testing
Partial Discharge testing
Pfisterer testing / Blind Cap
Fiber Optic termination, testing & splicing    
NETA Accredited TE Connectivity VLF Cable Testing
15kV and 5kV EPR Cable Terminations and Acceptance Testing
15kV and 5kV EPR Cable Terminations and Acceptance Testing
15kV and 5kV EPR cable terminations associated with the NOVA R3 project.
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Cable Fault Locate and Repair
Cable Fault Locate and Repair
Fault location and repair on a 25kV feeder cables powering the Rogers Pass tunnel lights.
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Electrical Reliability Enhancement

With the increasing demand to conserve energy Magna IV Engineering helps you to understand and optimize your systems to meet your energy management needs.

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Electrical Reliability Services

Why Electrical Maintenance?

It can enable you to plan and budget for component upgrades and replacement, all the while enhancing the reliability and safety of your overall power system.

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Relay, Metering and Control Upgrades

Magna IV Engineering can help identify obsolete equipment and scope out upgrades necessary to bring these systems in line with the latest technology.

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Relay Testing

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