What is Commissioning?

Commissioning is the systematic process of verifying, documenting and placing into service newly-installed, or retrofitted equipment or systems. It is performed to ensure that the system operates according to its design, and to confirm the intended safety and reliability. The commissioning process is based on the owner's project requirements, the basis of design, factory acceptance tests, field acceptance tests, verification of component interconnections and functional testing of the system in part and in whole.

The Advantages of Precommissioning

In many cases, the construction of electrical equipment is modular and staged out through phases of a project. The concept of precommissioning allows the owner many advantages before equipment is sent out to site. Including:

  • Reduced cost for work completed locally, reducing on site time
  • Allows for discovered problems to possibly be resolved before equipment is shipped, RFI process can begin earlier
  • More overall time allowed for deficiency resolution
  • Better management of spare parts
  • Efficiency and productivity boosted by an increased awareness from precommissioning activities, allows for better managed scope of work

Benefits of Commissioning

Proven start-up and commissioning procedures are essential to the long-term reliability of an electrical system. Improper installation and commissioning can cause equipment failures. Magna IV Engineering's experienced techs can provide start-up and commissioning services for power and control systems, you can be assured that your equipment has been tested and commissioned to industry accepted standards.
A significant amount of early equipment failures can be traced to design, installation, or start-up deficiencies. Many unnecessary outages are due to improper testing procedures, coordination and calibration of protective devices as well as wiring errors, design errors, etc.. In other cases, failures don't occur until months after the equipment has gone into operation and the warranties have expired.
When improper start-up and testing procedures are applied, the results can be disastrous. Your electrical system could experience a catastrophic failure due to relatively small installation and/or testing errors.
The inspection and testing performed on an electrical power system and its components before the initial energization is key to lifecycle reliability. Proper commissioning and start-up testing also provide a valuable baseline or benchmark that can be used to shape the equipment’s future maintenance program.

Committed to Excellence

Magna IV Engineering is a third-party entity, independent of electrical equipment manufacturers, suppliers and installers. We are intentionally organized to operate without bias, and in our clients' best interest. We are accredited by NETA and our NETA certified commissioning personnel undergo regular training and testing.

NETA Accredited

As a long standing member of NETA, we are committed to advancing industry standards for power system installation and maintenance. Our technicians are trained to standards set by this industry-respected independent body, and are available around the clock for scheduled or emergency electrical service.

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Why Electrical Maintenance?

It can enable you to plan and budget for component upgrades and replacement, all the while enhancing the reliability and safety of your overall power system.

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