Component-Level Service and Repair

Component-Level Service and Repair

Equipment Life Extension

Sometimes replacement equipment may be incompatible, prohibitively expensive, unavailable, or lacking component replacement parts. We can help with this. Our expert engineers have boundless imagination, and a proven ability to deliver value for our clients.

Our Approach

  • We repair and fabricate parts and equipment that would otherwise be obsolete. Often our results are better than new.
  • We identify and follow best practices and industry standards for equipment life extension.
  • Our extensive equipment records and knowledge-base allows for fast and accurate troubleshooting.
  • We stock a vast array of replacement parts to reduce turnaround time.
  • We source and acquire special tools or components for our clients.
  • We provide large scale structural repairs, complete retrofitting, and equipment overhauls.
  • We are detailed. Down to the board level for component repairs, including SMD boards.

Certification and Calibration

We certify and calibrate all kinds of high, medium, and low voltage electrical equipment, including:

Ductors, relay test sets, hipots, C bridges, ratio meters, insulation testers, phasing equipment, fault locating equipment, cable locating equipment, recorders and analyzing equipment, power supplies and testers, hospital test equipment, analog and digital multimeters, clamp meters, temperature meters, ground sets and safety equipment, and more.

Magna IV Engineering is recognized as Calibration and Repair partner for High Voltage Inc. in Western Canada.

We perform calibrations, taking into account Test Uncertainty Ratio (TUR), and guard banding techniques to provide accurate and confident results.

Our extensive equipment records and knowledge-base allows for fast and accurate troubleshooting.

We follow all instrument manufacturer procedures and guidelines, and comply with ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 17025.

We develop testing and calibration procedures (such as with MET/CAL) for repetitive instrumentation, guided and/or automated.


Component-Level Maintenance

To extend useful life, identify possible faults, and improve functionality, our maintenance solutions include:

  • Fuse inspection and replacement
  • Battery inspection, reconditioning and replacement
  • Cable inspection, cleaning, repair or replacement
  • Inspection and lubrication of moving mechanical components
  • Cleaning and polishing of internal contacts and connections
  • Antistatic treatment of analog meters
  • Cosmetic repair

Custom Engineered Product Solutions

We design and custom-manufacture complete solutions for specialty applications. Our engineers develop and manufacture components and circuit boards at our in-house lab.

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Custom engineered product solutions

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