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We offer our clients a wide range of electrical products. The same quality equipment our teams put to the test every day in the field.

Calibration and Repair

Magna IV Engineering is Western Canada's calibration & repair representative for High Voltage, Inc.. HVI produces market-leading medium and high voltage test equipment for proof testing, diagnostic evaluation, and preventive maintenance.

Calibration & Repair

High Voltage, Inc.

  • VLF AC Hipots, along with associated cable diagnostic testers
    (Tan Delta and Partial Discharge Detection)
  • DC Hipots-Megohmmeters
  • Aerial Lift Testers
  • AC Hipots
  • Cable Thumpers & Radars
  • Ω-Check® Concentric Neutral Testers
  • AC/DC Dividers
  • AC Oil Dielectric Test Sets


  • Arc Flash Suits
  • HV Gloves
  • Face Shields


  • Safety & Grounding Equipment


  • Infrared Window Technology


  • Control Instruments
  • Transformer Accessories
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Arc Flash & Electrical Safety Training

Risk assessment, safe work practices, how to read warning labels, and much more...

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Arc Flash Safety

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