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We offer our clients a wide range of electrical products. The same quality equipment our teams put to the test every day in the field.

We Proudly Represent High Voltage, Inc. (HVI)

Magna IV Engineering is Western Canada's sales, and calibration & repair representative for High Voltage, Inc.. HVI produces market-leading medium and high voltage test equipment for proof testing, diagnostic evaluation, and preventive maintenance.

Calibration & Repair

High Voltage, Inc.

  • VLF AC Hipots, along with associated cable diagnostic testers
    (Tan Delta and Partial Discharge Detection)
  • DC Hipots-Megohmmeters
  • Aerial Lift Testers
  • AC Hipots
  • Cable Thumpers & Radars
  • Ω-Check® Concentric Neutral Testers
  • AC/DC Dividers
  • AC Oil Dielectric Test Sets


  • Arc Flash Suits
  • HV Gloves
  • Face Shields


  • Safety & Grounding Equipment


  • Infrared Window Technology


  • Control Instruments
  • Transformer Accessories
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Arc Flash & Electrical Safety Training

Risk assessment, safe work practices, how to read warning labels, and much more...

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