Why Electrical Maintenance?

The Benefits of Electrical Maintenance

  • Improve power system reliability
  • Extend electrical equipment life
  • Enhance safety of staff and contractors
  • Reduce long term cost & unpredicted expense
  • Measure equipment condition
  • Increase maintenance staff effectiveness
  • Enable scheduled replacement of equipment
Bathtub Curve, electrical equipment lifecycle

Electrical Equipment Life Extension

Given time, ‘end of life’ occurs for every piece of equipment. However, effective electrical maintenance can reveal current condition, optimize ‘useful life’ and make ‘end of life’ more predictable. This enables you to plan and budget for component upgrades and replacement, all the while enhancing the reliability and safety of your overall power system. Knowing your equipment will reach end of life in 10, 5 or 2 years not only allows you to anticipate and budget accordingly, but affords you the time to get the most competitive replacement in a non-urgent time frame.

In a study* of 127 insurance claims worth a combined total of nearly $26 million, it was found that:

Failure and damage due to poor maintenance execution accounted for 69% of total claims
55% of claims were specifically the result of inadequate or improper electrical connections
Only 6% of root causes were not predictable through the use of proper maintenance procedures
94% of claims could be prevented through predictive maintenance procedures like infrared thermography

*Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance Company, 2010 Study

Our Electrical Maintenance Services

Maintenance Program Planning

Infrared Inspection & Analysis

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Insulating Fluid Analysis

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Electrical Equipment Maintenance (following NETA standards)

Power System Troubleshooting & Emergency Service

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Electrical Equipment Evaluation

Arc Flash Study Updates

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Electrical Reliability Study and Recommendations

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Relay, Metering & Control Upgrades

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Turnkey Retrofit and Refurbishment Services

Electrical Safety Training

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Infrared Inspection & Analysis

Precise pinpointing of problems minimizes the amount of time required for repair and preventative maintenance.

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Infrared Inspection

Insulating Fluid Analysis

Insulating fluid analysis is a proven loss prevention technique which should be part of any preventive maintenance program.

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Transformer Oil Samping

Electrical Reliability Enhancement

With the increasing demand to conserve energy Magna IV Engineering helps you to understand and optimize your systems to meet your energy management needs.

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Electrical Reliability Services

Emergency Call Out Service

Our team of experts is ready to respond to your power system emergency.

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Emergency Call Out

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