Switchgear Modernization

Switchgear Modernization

Effective Asset Management

Bathtub Curve, electrical equipment lifecycle

While effective electrical maintenance can maximize equipment usefulness, "end of life" is an inevitable outcome that deserves planning for all components of a power system. Relying on equipment as it approaches old age introduces maintenance, reliability and safety concerns, and it becomes more challenging to find budget-friendly solutions. Many owners would like to upgrade power switchgear and motor control centers, but run into difficulty when the new equipment won't fit the existing switchgear. Wholesale replacement can be very costly in resources and downtime.

There is an alternative solution.

All of the Benefits, a Fraction of the Cost

For over 35 years, Magna IV Engineering has been refining methods of taking precise switchgear measurements to build new formed-to-fit busbar. This has helped us make retrofitting modern breakers into existing switchgear an attractive option for our clients. We leave switchgear line-ups, bus and existing cabling in place. This way, we can execute low and medium voltage equipment upgrades without the heavy investment and downtime involved in wholesale switchgear replacement.

The Magna Advantage

Magna IV Engineering's unique approach begins with our integrated electrical engineering and technical field service teams. This planned synergy allows us to provide upgrades that are not only functional, but optimized for safety, reliability and maintainability. It also enables us to provide switchgear modernization  as a turnkey solution to our clients, significantly reducing the time required from start to finish.

Advantages to Switchgear Retrofits

1. Only upgrade the obsolete components
2. Improve personnel safety through new features
3. Reduce expected maintenance cost through availability of spare parts
4. Add modern equipment features, such as enhanced protection, monitoring, and communications

Types of Upgrades Available

  • Air to air breaker
  • Air to vacuum breaker
  • Oil to vacuum breaker
  • Oil to SF6 breaker
  • Switchgear bus bracing

Our Comprehensive Services

  • Field measurements
  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Project management
  • Site installation
  • Site testing and commissioning
  • Maintenance planning & manual development

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