Switching Device Remanufacturing

Switching Device Remanufacturing

Mitigate the Risk of Equipment Failure, Arc Flash and Obsolescence

Circuit breakers, disconnect switches and contactors that have been in operation for a long period of time are often not in ideal working condition. Especially after a fault incident, the integrity of the device may be compromised. Furthermore, as a switching device approaches end of life, it becomes difficult to predict how it may respond under fault conditions, thereby increasing risk to personnel and equipment.

Mitigate your risk through cost effective equipment reconditioning and/or remanufacturing.

Switching Device Service On-Site Maintenance Reconditioning Remanufacturing
Inspection & evaluation
As-found electrical & functional testing
Documentation of deficiencies
Replacement of faulty parts (as required)
Component specific disassembly  
Component specific cleaning  
Sand-blasting and coating against corrosion    
Silver plating, current carrying components    
Zinc plating, mechanical components    
Powder coating, frame components    
Settings and adjustments to OEM specifications    
Final electrical & functional testing    
Upgrade to a modern trip unit As requested As requested As requested
Addition of new technology
(Arc flash sensors, thermal monitoring, etc.)
As requested As requested As requested

Service Offering Includes

  • 480V to 25kV (all current ratings)
  • Air/Vacuum breakers
  • Air/Vacuum contactors
  • Westinghouse (DHP, VCPW, DS, HLF)
  • ITE/ABB (K-Line, HK, VHK)
  • Federal Pioneer (50H-2, 75H-3, etc.)
  • Toshiba Contactors (HVC5HAM, etc.)
  • General Electric (Magne-Blast)
  • Federal Pacific (DST)
  • And more...

Service by Breaker Brothers, a division of Magna IV Engineering.

SECOR Accredited

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