Water Treatment Plant Lighitng

Water and Wastewater Management

Carefully Handling Water & Waste Water

Magna IV Engineering fully comprehends that clean water supply and wastewater treatment are important processes for residences and industries. We also understand that handling water and waste water is vital to public health. In this regard, we provide essential electrical engineering services for a diverse range of water and waste water needs.

We Work With

  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Waste Water Treatment Facilities
  • Water Reservoirs, Intake Pump Houses, Booster Stations and Truckfill Stations
  • Storm Water Management Facilities
  • Waste Water Lift Stations
  • Storm Water Lift Stations
  • UV Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities
  • Real-Time Control Storm Pond Management Gates (RTCs)

Electrical Engineering Solutions

We offer complete electrical engineering services for:

  • Power Systems
    • Power distribution
    • Standby/emergency power generation
  • Control Systems 
    • SCADA
    • PLCs
    • HMI
    • Translation of control philosophies / sequence of operations to control logics & schematics
  • Lighting Systems
    • Normal & emergency lighting
  • Telecommunications/Data
  • Fire Alarm and Security
  • Process Alarm Systems

Your Satisfaction First

Each project is unique, but our extensive experience enables us to anticipate requirements and problem areas. We conscientiously manage each phase; from project inception, conceptual design, detailed design development, tendering, construction, commissioning, and turn-over. Our goal is your complete satisfaction in the most technically suitable and cost-effective manner.

Electrical Design, Roxborough Water Treatment Plant
Electrical Design, Roxborough Water Treatment Plant
Magna IV Engineering was engaged as a sub-consultant to provide electrical, controls, instrumentation, and SCADA design services for the new Roxborough Water Treatment Plant, near Littleton, Colorado.
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Temporary Lift Station, Design & Construction Support
Temporary Lift Station, Design & Construction Support
Magna IV Engineering provided electrical engineering and construction support for the distribution and emergency backup power at the Jensen Lakes development temporary sanitary lift station.
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St. Albert Pump Station, Electrical & Controls Engineering
St. Albert Pump Station, Electrical & Controls Engineering
Magna IV Engineering provided electrical, instrumentation and controls engineering for the St. Albert Pump Station that collects and pumps wastewater flows to a treatment plant near Fort Saskatchewan.
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